Illinois Lending's Loan Management System

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The Client

Illinois Lending has been doing storefront, small consumer loans since 1996.  They approached us in 2016 to help give them the ability to process and fund loans completely online.

Our engagement began with reviewing ILC’s current business model and processes, and discussing were they’d like to bring their business.

Having been in business for 20 years at the beginning of our engagement, ILC had built a large and loyal customer base, with an established history of top-tier customer customer. We knew any new software would need to allow ILC to continue to offer the same great service with the flexibility to exceed their customer’s expectations. 

The Solution

We split our design into 4 separate modules, their their internal Loan Management System, the customer portal, the API, and the application, with the Loan Management System being the heart of the solution. Every part of this core solution would be hosted in the cloud, using Microsoft Azure technologies. We also needed to ensure physical signatures where completely eliminated and move to a 100% digital storage solution.  Most importantly, being in business for 20 years meant we needed to be able to import legacy data into their new system. Even though each part of the system needs to talk to each other, it was important to ensure they are do not rely on each other to function. We needed to make sure we took into account all redundancy measures. 

Our solution began with the design and buildout of their core Loan Management System, which itself was split into 4 modules. Applications, loan processing, collections, and post-collections. Each module being interconnected with an advanced stream of workflows and decisions trees to aid their CSRs in being able to take the appropriate actions on a loan. From document generation, to communication with third party consumer reporting agencies, to communication with banks for managing payments, we build a robust system to keep all of their departments on the same page. Testing was absolutely paramount. As a lender, we needed to check, double check, and triple check our loan management module to ensure interest and payments where being calculated to the T. 

Our next piece of the puzzle was the application. We rebuilt the current application from the ground up, ensuring customers only need to submit information that is actually needed, and using third party services to do the rest.

The API was to be the crucial link between outside components, and the ILC world. We build a RESTful service that can consume and provide important data between vendors and other portions of ILC’s system ecosystem.

Finally, the customer portal. It’s the essential link to allow customers to be able to apply for, and receive a loan without ever having to come to a physical location. This was a brand new concept for ILC, so we had to make sure it lived up to their reputation of making of improving their customer’s lives through ease of use. The customer portal allows customers to view the status of their application, sign their documents, and track the status of their loans. 

And no digital upgrade would be complete without a tablet. We needed to find a way for their storefront customers to be able to sign their documents digitally. We build a customer iPad app that would allow customers to use their fingers to sign their loan documents. 

The Results

With our initial engagement, ILC was able to completely revolutionize they was they do business. How they interact with their customers, and how their employees work day-to-day. We built processes and systems for to take the grunt work out of their daily tasks so they can focus more on their customers and bottom-line. This engagement was so successful that it lead to several other engagements, including a website redesign and new payment processing modules. 

Through our values of providing top-tier customer service, and taking the time to truly understand our clients core business, we built a long term partnership built on trust and results.. 

The Tech

We build ILC’s systems using proven proven technologies that have stood the test of time. We utilized Microsoft .NET framework and C# for all core logic, with Microsoft SQL Server as the database. .NET and the associated ecosystem have been around for nearly 20 years and are the backbone for some of the largest systems. And being backed my Microsoft, we knew that support would continue for years to come. Needing a cloud hosted solution, we utilized Microsoft Azure for our hosting needs. Taking advantage of Azures full suite of capabilities, from web apps, to blob document storage, to background workers. Azure lets us deploy and update all areas of our solution with ease, as well as provides advanced logging and tracing to ensure we get in front of all potential risks. Our front end user experience was build using the latest HTML and JavaScript versions, utilizing Vue.JS and jQuery, as well as a suite of other plugins to ensure a smooth and fluid UX. Last but not least, we build the customer signature app on a targeted iPad, using Xamarin so we could easily share code between the core loan management system and the app.